Forensic experts continue to investigate the death of Carrie Fisher

Forensic experts that are still investigating the death of beloved actress Carrie Fisher could not yet determine the conditions under which her death occurred, so they will continue the research to discover what caused the cardiac arrest that ended the life of the one who gave life to Princess Leia in ‘Star Wars’, reported EFE.

According to CNN, the Department of Public Health bases in Angeles County has published the results of the investigation into the death of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who died at 84 years, just 24 hours after her daughter passed away.

As for Debbie Reynolds, the widely known actress from the movie Singing in the Rain, 1952, coroner experts have determined that it was a stroke that tragically ended her life.

On the other hand, regarding the case of Carrie Fisher, the result of the analyses was cardiac arrest, but forensic experts were unable to determine the exact causes that have led to triggering the actress’s cardiac arrest, who was only aged 60 years, so that research will continue.

Carrie and Debbie’s relatives and close friends paid their tributes and last homages to the regretted and mourned actresses last Thursday, during a private ceremony. On Friday, the next day after the ceremony, took place the joint funeral in a cemetery located in Hollywood Hills.

Carrie Fisher’s remains were deposited in an urn in the shape of a Prozac antidepressant pills, which represents an ironic allusion to the problems of addiction that she had to fought and endure all her tumultuous life.