Francois Fillon proposes to reduce immigration by annual taxes imposed to asylum seekers

The conservative candidate for the presidency of France, Francois Fillon, will present on Wednesday a series of proposals that are aiming at reducing to minimum the rates of immigration, through a quota system, transmitted Reuters, citing a close source to the politician.

Also, Fillon will ask the European Union to tighten its immigration and asylum policies to counterattack the threat that comes from Islamist militants.

The conservative candidate will present his plan on Wednesday in Nice, where last year, the Tunisian terrorist, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, ran over with his truck into the crowd that was taking part at the celebrations marking the National Day and killed 86 people.

“Francois Fillon is not going to Nice to say that France should get out of the Schengen area. He will say that we need to establish migration quotas”, said Fillon’s collaborator.

In his program, Fillon states that immigration should depend on the ability of France to take immigrants and integrate them with success. Fillon wants the Parliament to establish an annual quota of migrants considering the social factors, such as labor integration and housing. The politician calls for ceasing the social benefits to immigrants who have been legally in France for more than two years.

Fillon will meet on January 23 with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and will propose her an amendment regarding the Schengen agreement, that a state should immediately be suspended for one year if it is not able to control its external borders.

Francois Fillon is considered the favorite candidate to win the poll in his battle with the leader of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen.