The answer everyone was waiting, finally came: the ‘Star Wars’ creator decided to place his museum in Los Angeles. It was not known whether he would choose San Francisco or Los Angels, but on Tuesday he delivered the news.

In the Exposition Park from LA, Lucas will place his museum that will feature his personal collection of art and ‘Star Wars’ collectibles. Lucas will spend about $1 billion in the project. The art and the building costs are estimated at $400 million.

The building will bring serious competition for San Francisco, Lucas’ museum will bring tons of tourists to Los Angeles and lots of jobs will be available.

The museum will placed in one of the most popular area of the city, in the greater L.A. The area already features plenty of museum, but the futuristic design of Lucas’ one, plus the popularity of ‘Star Wars’, will overshadow the others.

Eric Garcetti, mayor, is happy about Lucas’ decision as he always thought Los Angeles was the perfect place for it. He likes the fact that the future generations will have such an inspirational place available.

The mayor believes the museum will provide more than one thousand jobs.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Animation Chief Executive from DreamWorks, supports Lucas and thinks his decision will be extremely beneficial for the city that will be transformed. “First and foremost for our residents, who are going to have an outstanding cultural, iconic new force here- the force will be with us- and I think for tourism,” continued Katzenberg.

Lucas has spent years thinking about this museum and by 2021, his dream can come true.