Some Americans have started a movement to help the ones in need. They place food pantries with different items that people in need can use.

From food to toothbrushes, they want to help as much as possible. Some of them are placed next to churches, others in front of their homes or businesses.

A woman from Kansas calls them “blessing boxes”. Even if it is a small gesture, she felt like she needed to do something to help others. Maggie Ballard and her son have a red box in front of their house, they check it every day and add new things if needed.

Because her son is just 6 years-old, she feels like this could set an example for him to do the same when he grows up.

After the rest of her community learned about the box, people started donating things too, other than food. “We dropped off some breakfast food, some pasta, some sauce, some crackers and some soups,” said Stacey Schwanke, who delivered donations a few times.

Six months after people saw pictures of the box on social media, they followed the example in other states.

The one that is believed to come up with the idea is Jessica McClard from Arkansas. People come and take what they need whenever they want.

Ballard only saw few of them, as the majority chooses to come at night. She says that everybody has little money, but the products they place in the box are not at all expensive and this way they can both afford to do it and feel like they do something thoughtful.