New reports say that the Russian blackmail towards Donald Trump has been confirmed. Now, not only that Putin influenced the 2016 elections, but also has his control over the president-elect.

Last week, agencies delivered Barack Obama and Donald Trump documents that state the Russians have the financial and personal information of the future president.

The alleged material is compromising for Trump, so this means that Russians can put any pressure on him. During the campaign, Trump was constantly reminded of those documents. They also pushed him into doing what they wanted, saying what they wanted to hear.

The report is created mostly by a British community in collaboration with the US intelligence. FBI is now investigating the claims, that seem to came from Russian sources.

If the allegations are true, then Trump’s and the Republicans’ files were also hacked by the Russians.

This might explain why Trump has taken some weird decisions: when asked to help the Ukrainian government when they fought with extremists from Moscow, he declined. That’s why he wants to make US independent from NATO and that’s why he tries to reverse the actions Obama started against Russia.

All of the actions the Republican party has taken to hide the Russian hacking might be instructed by Moscow itself.

Trump has betrayed his country so he can save his beloved public image and his political career.

If those documents that the Russians have ever emerge, Trump could get in lots of trouble.