A new study confirms the belief people had for decades. After studying 150,000 stars, researchers came to the conclusion that people are made of the same kind of atoms with 97%. The elements found in the galaxy, especially in the central part, correspond with the human ones.

This stars have the same elements that humans need to survive: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and oxygen.

Using a method called spectroscopy, the scientists got to study in depth the elements. Every element released light that came from a star. So they can figure out what was the star made of, they measured the level of darkness and the light.

They used the spectrograph from New Mexico to take a look through the Milky Way. The device was really helpful because the light passes through the dust. A researcher said that the spectrograph spreads the light like a prism, which allows them to see different parts of the stars.

The institution from New Mexico studied about 200,000 stars, including the ones NASA discovered in the Kepler mission while is was looking for other planets.

Even if humans and stars share the same elements, the proportions differ. The proportions also differed in each area of the space. The ones that are located at the outskirts of the Milky Way have fewer heavy elements, like oxygen. The ones that are located in the middle have more heavy elements.

Jenifer Johnson, who is part of the research team, says that it is amazing and interesting to find that thousands of stars share the same elements as humans.