The elixir of youth is secretly trapped inside the human body

A new discovery on blurring wrinkles has been made!

Many women spend large amounts of money on creams and interventions for maintaining a youthful complexion. But fine lines can be dimmed using nothing but the cells in the human body, stated the researchers leading this study.

Wrinkles could be dimmed by using a regenerative treatment of fat cells that are supposed to maintain the firmness of the skin. The technique could also be used for scars, writes The Daily Mail.

The fat cells from our skin, called adipocytes, disappear when scars are formed or wrinkles caused by aging start to show off. The lack of adipocytes is one of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles.

Researchers have found that the hair follicle plays an important role in the healing and smoothing the skin by releasing a molecule called morphogenetic bone protein. Professor George Cotsarelis, from the University of Pennsylvania, said:

‘Our discovery could help us to find a strategy for regenerating the wrinkled skin with the help of adipocytes. We will finally manage to find an anti-aging treatment. The secret lies in the regeneration of hair follicles in the first phase. After that, the fat cells will regenerate in response to the signals sent from the follicles’.

The loss of the adipocytes is a normal process of aging, but can also be a complication of diseases such as HIV-AIDS virus infection.

The tests were conducted both on mice and human scarring tissues.

The main investigator of this case was Dr. Maksim Plikus, leading professor at the University of California, who said that the discovery could lead to new treatments that will prevent scarring after surgeries.

The global anti-aging techniques reached a profit of 150 billion pounds, and, according to estimates, the industry will reach 216 billion pounds by 2018.