Lately, everyone is wondering if vaccines are beneficial or not, especially the ones for small children. Doctor Sanjay Gupta from CNN weighs on the matter and answers to the thing that bothers us.

He starts by saying that vaccines have saved until now over six million lives worldwide. The medicine of today has evolved thanks to vaccines, but people are still in doubt.

The beneficial role of vaccine shouldn’t be based on people’s opinions, but on real life facts and until now, facts point towards benefits.

Vaccine has been linked to autism, but a research from 2014 in which 1.2 million children were vaccinated, showed no such thing.

Gupta says that there is a larger possibility of being struck by a lightning then be allergic seriously to a vaccine.

Even though science and facts should be the ones that really matter, people are still mislead by other wrongful opinions. Science should be the one trusted and believed, and not what some people, mostly without experience, say.

The fact that some children got an allergy to vaccine lead many to believe that vaccines are wrong in general, but it’s not true. Gupta is absolutely sure that only one kid out of 1 million is prone to get a severe allergy and that should not lead to basically “an army” of skeptics.

Families across US have access to vaccines, but also a choice to do it or not. Parents that have heard of other children’s adverse reactions are quickly getting worried and say no to it, but there is no reason to do that as the probability is really low.

Gupta concluded by saying that more thought should be put into it and allow the children to be vaccinated.