As a year has passed since the star left this world, fans try to remember him. The pop-rock star died after a long battle with cancer. His fans miss him deeply.

A video from 1999 shows Bowie fighting with a journalist about the future impact the internet will have. In the interview with BBC, the star reveals that internet has a chaotic side that will take over the world, who would have thought then that he was right.

The reporter argues that his beliefs are “hugely exaggerated”, but Bowie fights back, saying that he is sure that internet will bring both good and bad into the world. He thinks it is “exhilarating and terrifying” at the same time.

Internet is something “rebellious and chaotic and nihilistic”. What Bowie says next will be exactly what happens nowadays. He thinks that artists and fans will have the opportunity to interact, to create a connection.

He talks about the 70’s and the 80’s, when people believed in a “single society”, where no “duplicity or pluralism” was available. He thinks that internet comes to show people that there are other sides to the things they believe in.

The reporter is skeptic about Bowie’s theory, saying that people made fantastic claims when the phone- was invented too, so why would it be different with the Internet. While the reporter says it is just a tool, Bowie jokes: “no, it’s an alien life form”.

Bowie was a really amazing star with profound thoughts. His theories and his take on the world are what make him magnificent.

His beliefs in internet are truly amazing. He managed to imagine a whole new world that for others at that time would have appeared impossible.