Alec Baldwin, who is already playing the president-elect at the Saturday Night Live, now wants to have more opportunities to play Trump. The actor and the future president got involved in the past week in a feud.

It is enough said that Trump is mad at Baldwin for his part in SNL. The actor also found other ways to mock him. After that, Trump bashed the show on Twitter, saying that it isn’t funny at all.

After the scandal about the implication of Vladimir Putin in the elections, Baldwin took to social media to mock Trump. He sported a red ball cap, like the infamous ones from Trump’s campaign that said “Make America great again”, but the line was now in incorrect Russian.

After one year of playing the infamous character on SNL, Baldwin has decided that he needs to do more of it. His occasional appearances on the show are not enough and “there’s discussions about other venues we might pursue to further express our gratitude and admiration for the Trump administration.”

Now, Baldwin is hosting a game show, called “Match Game”. The show will air on ABC this Wednesday and will have ten episodes.

Although a game show isn’t the ideal thing for him, Alec has fun doing it. He says that he does not want to influence political opinions, he just wants to have fun.

The actor plans on bothering the president all of his four years at the White House, saying Trump will be “the head writer of all the material we do.”