Charlie Sheen: The day I was diagnosed with HIV, I wanted to swallow a bullet

Actor Charlie Sheen have shared aspects regarding his fight against HIV on Wednesday, during Good Morning America show, writes

‘When the doctors gave me a diagnose, I wanted to swallow a bullet’, said the actor in Michael Strahan’s show, referring to the time when he learned he had the disease.

‘My mother was there and I didn’t want to do this around her or leave her in a position to clean the mess. Then something happened. They gave me a bunch of pills and told me to go home and that I will continue to live’, said the actor.

‘If I had been, however, diagnosed with a form of brain cancer or stomach cancer or any other form of meningitis, now I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you’, continued Sheen, who explained that he currently sees the HIV as a modality to help other people suffering as he did.

‘I feel like I am carrying a torch for a lot of people suffering from the same thing’, explained the actor, aged 51 years.

He also said that he is satisfied that he is involved in a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration agency for testing a drug called PRO-140, whose representatives would seek approval to sell on the market.

Charlie Sheen announced he was HIV-positive in November 2015, four years after being diagnosed with HIV.

The actor confessed in 2015 during an interview that PRO-140 had stopped the virus to further expand and it is now virtually undetectable in his blood.

‘I can tell how I felt then and how I feel today. We speak of a transformation. One moment you’re on the road to perdition, the next you’re on the road of Providence. It’s amazing’, he said.