The two actors are promoting worldwide their movie “xXx: The Return of Xanger Cage”. As they reach Deepika’s country, the welcoming was pretty original.

The two received a true Bollywood inspired welcome. Starting from dancers, to women riding motorbikes in saris. They put vermillion on his forehead.

Diesel announced that he was really touched and he has a huge admiration for their culture and country. As Diesel was charmed by the welcoming, Deepika was looking really proud.

The director, DJ Caruso, also joined the two actors in Mumbai.

The three will attend a press conference soon, where they will answer questions for fans and reporters about the movie. They will attend a crowd event in High Street Phoenix, Courtyard.

Reports say that Deepika and her boyfriend, Ranveer Singh, will throw a party for Diesel and the director. The party will take place after they promote the movie, on January 12. The premiere will be attended by lots of stars.

Everybody wants to surprise Diesel with their traditions and give him a full taste of their beautiful Indian culture.

Until now, the cast promoted the film in New Mexico and London. On January 14, it will be released in India in advance from the other countries.

The movie also marks Deepika’s take on Hollywood. She is expected to star in other Americans movies after this one. At Bollywood, she is one of the most popular and well-paid actresses.

In the movie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose and others also star.