Dell monitor priced $ 5000 withdrawn from markets

Proudly presented at the exhibition CES 2016, the $ 5000 priced ultrasharp monitor Dell UP 3017Q is equipped with a 4K OLED screen of 30″, but has been withdrawn as a result of some unsolvable problems affecting image quality.

According to the company producing the model, the monitor was ranked as a high-quality product, but could not lift up to the expectations for professional monitors. A series of subsequent tests have shown its weaknesses in image quality.

Dell representatives did not specify the exact nature of the encountered problem, but they guessed it could have been a hardware limitation in the OLED panel, insufficiently tested for using it together with a monitor having these characteristics.

Known for its vibrant colors and enviable contrast, OLED screens hardly penetrate within consumer’s preferred products, due to their high manufacturing costs that limit their use primarily in mobile devices and high-end TVs.

Having a high, but still approachable price, Dell UP3017Q is a monitor for enthusiasts and professionals eager to experience the advantages of next-generation OLED screens.

Presented at the exhibition fair CES 2016, Dell UP3017Q Ultrasharp 30 is factory calibrated for a faithful reproduction of shades of color and is supplied with a holder that allows height adjustment, tilt and rotation to portrait mode. In addition, the wall lashing system VESA helps saving space on your desk and installation in multi-monitor configurations.

The connectivity options include DVI DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI, a USB hub Type-C and a  Thunderbolt connector for connecting peripherals.

Already in production, the Dell UP3017Q with OLED technology will be available for online orders after March 31, at a price of $ 5,000.