The Foreign Minister is accused of using money from taxpayers for certain events. Bishop is charged with $11.006 for events like the Melbourne Cup, Derby Day and others.

In 2014 and 2015, reports say that she charged taxpayers $11,006 to attend these events. She says that it was an “official ministerial business”. There, she was the guest of an airline company and an alcohol one. She and David Panton spent time with celebrities and businessmen.

The taxpayers were charged for cars, flights, travel allowance and for her trips as well.

In 2016, her trip to the Portsea Polo costed people $2,716. The Department of Finance is investigating the reports.

Bishop’s office hasn’t responded yet, but did release statement: “The Minister was invited and attended in her official capacity as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party.”

For her and Panton’s 2014 trip to the Emirates, taxpayers contributed with $2,361.

Since Sussan Ley bought an apartment in a trip funded by taxpayers, everybody has keeping an eye on the trips funded by them. Ley was then investigated and she was fired from her ministerial duties.

Julie Bishop’s future is going to be decided next week. Other ministers are also investigated, as in the previous three years many have caught the eye with such trips.

Senator David Bushby, Minister Steve Ciabo and Mathias Cormann are also under investigation for the 2013 trip to the AFL Grand Final. They all declared that aside from the game, they took care of official businesses.