The Duchess opened up about how it is to be a mother. Even with all the help she gets, being a mom is still tough.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George receive a lot of love from family members and are being taken care of by top nannies, aside from their parents. In spite of that, mother Kate still feels overwhelmed sometimes.

While she was visiting a center for children this Wednesday, Middleton talked with other mommies about the difficulties of motherhood.

“Parenting is tough,” said Middleton as she the other mothers agreed.

The women from the center are involved in the parenting unit. They have been through depression or through tough situations with their children. Kate talked with them, offered comfort and encouraged them. “Experiences you’ve all witnessed… I find it extraordinary how you’ve managed actually, so really well done,” said the Duchess.

As she went to the center, the Duchess sported a blue coat. This is the first time she attends an event since her birthday last week. On Sunday, she went to visit the queen, who battles a severe cold.

It must have been encouraging for the other women to hear that even royalty has experienced problems like a mother. That only proves that she is human like all of us.

The Duchess has done nothing but sow kindness and compassion as a royal. She has gone many times to children centers, comforted parents and children altogether.