Barcelona managed to beat Athletic Bilbao in a spectacular game. Messi shot a beautiful goal in his third game of the year. Until now, in each one them, he has scored.

The game is in the quarter-finals for Copa del Rey. Messi brought his team luck again. In the 77th minute of the game, the Football player did a beautiful strike.

The game ended with a result of three to two. Barcelona had a lot of luck in the past months. Since October, it hasn’t lost one game in the La Liga. They still have to beat rivals Real Madrid for the title.

Messi kicked his 26th free shot and is very close to break yet another record. In all of his last games, he managed to do free kicks. “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it’s enemy action,” said Goldfinger.

Athletic Bilbao has lost the last three seasons in Copa del Rey with Barcelona.

Fans are in awe of the superstar, as well officials from Football. Ronald Koeman tweeted: “Congratulations on scoring your 26th free kick goal tonight, Leo! One to go to break another record!”

In the game, Suarez was the first one to score for Barcelona, followed by Neymar. Messi decided the faith of the game with his 20 yards’ kick.

2017 surely announces itself as an amazing year for the Football player and his team. Fans want him to just keep it like that, bringing success for his club.