Many reports have stated that the palm tree oil the brand is using in its chocolate spread is causing cancer. Now, Ferrero, who owns Nutella, denied the claims in an advertising campaign. They want to reassure their clients that the product is totally safe.

The European Food Standards Authority warned last year about the dangerous effects of the oil. They said that no level is safe, especially for children. Even the smallest amount can represent a danger.

Ferrero launched this campaign add to ensure costumers that the product is safe. They say that they want to keep using palm tree oil as it ensures the quality of their products. “Making Nutella without palm oil would produce an inferior substitute for the real product, it would be a step backward,” said the manager. 

Although Ferrero claims it is not about the price, it would cost them more to change the oil.

Centers fear that the palm tree oil, when heated, it creates compounds that lead to cancer. Many companies, such as Ferrero heat the oil after 200 degrees. “There is sufficient evidence that glycidol is genotoxic and carcinogenic, therefore the Contam panel did not set a safe level for GE,” revealed the chair from Contam, who has studied the oil last year.

Nutella is not the only product that is dangerous, but margarines and other oils too. Also, other companies have the same problem with the use of palm three oil.

The oil has also endangered species in their natural habitat. Orangutans were affected.

Ferrero reassures that it is using oil from certificate areas and that it cares for its customers.