A couple from Ohio welcomed on December 17 two new members in their family. Babies William and Reagan were photographed by their parents moments before William passed away.

Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger are devastated and in shock after the loss of their baby. William suffered from heart abnormalities. The right side of his wasn’t functioning. Before the loss, the both babies looked healthy.

The news is even more sad as the couple has been struggling for years to have a child.  “He just had a bunch of abnormalities,” declared the mother.

In the 23rd week of pregnancy, Lyndsay was told that her son will be stillborn. The doctors noticed then that something was wrong with his heart. The doctors’ expectation didn’t confirm and William wasn’t stillborn. Then, parents still had a hope for him.

The baby lived for eleven days. The parents knew that he would eventually die, so they tried to enjoy as much the time they had left. “They were the happiest 11 days of my life,” said the father.

So they can have some memories of their child, they invited a local photographer to take photos of them with the babies. The photographer said he was really glad to do this for them.

William was really alert, while sister cried and slept through the photoshoot. “You can see he is wide awake with his big beautiful eyes. It’s something we will definitely cherish,” said Lyndsay, who cried as she saw the pictures.

Now, the couple has to cope with their son’s death, but they still have little Reagan who will soothe their pain.