People are expecting the team to announce its move from San Diego to Los Angeles. Reports say The Chargers will announce the move on Thursday.

The team has played in Los Angeles before, in 1960, but one year later they moved to San Diego. Roger Goodell and other officials were announced by their decision to play the 2017 season in LA. Dean Spanos, chairman of the Chargers, sent a formal letter on Wednesday night to NFL officials.

Apparently, the organization of Chargers did not know about the move.

A meeting is planned on Thursday morning, at 11 AM, when all the details will be delivered, said an insider. Also, in LA will be held a conference on Wednesday next week.

The decision wasn’t an easy one for the chairman, as he considered both his commitment to San Diego and the economical side. He wants to get to the LA market as soon as possible.

The team will move in less than a half a year. The Rams took the same decision last year. For more than twenty years, LA had no team at all, now, in just two years, it has received two.

“More than anything, I’m shocked. I didn’t think it was going to happen. I thought we were going to stay in San Diego,” said Corey Liuget from the team. Keenan Allen also weighed and said that it would be “dope” to move to LA.

Both players and fans of the team are taken aback by the news. In San Diego, they have lots of fans, so it would be hard for them to see the Chargers leave.

The team hasn’t announced the place where it will play yet.