Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12-year-old from Georgia filmed herself on Facebook life as she was killing herself. Now, the police can’t do nothing to take the video down.

On December 30, the girl took her life, saying that a family member that abused her sexually made her end her life. The footage shows her as she hangs herself in front of her house.

The video won’t stop being shared online and the police from Polk County can’t do anything about it.

The police rushed to save the 12-year-old, but it was too late. Later at the Emergency Room in Polk Medical Center she was pronounced dead.

The video of her hanging from the tree takes about twenty minutes until a woman is heard screaming. The footage was removed from the girl’s Facebook page, but people still found a way to share it.

After so much time has passed since her death, the police are receiving phone calls from people that see the video on different sites on the internet.

The police are trying hard to get rid of the video so other children and teenagers won’t be affected by it. “We contacted some of the sites. They asked if they had to take it down, and by law they don’t. But it’s just the common decent thing to do in my opinion,” declared a police officer.

Her death is still in investigation. Days before committing suicide, the teenager posted on social media that a male female member abused her and hit her with a belt. The man also told her to hang herself, as she claimed. She said she was depressed and asked for ways to deal with it.