A study shows how stress can affect you and cause stokes and heart attacks. On brain scans, the scientists have come up to the conclusion that the center of the brain or amygdala is the most damaged by stress.

But not only stress is the cause, fear is too. In the scans, the ones that had the amygdala more active are the ones that are prone to heart attacks. The danger is real, as it can occur in three or four years.

The ones that featured active amygdala also had inflamed arteries, the bones were also damaged. They can cause heart disease and blood clots.

The study was ran by researchers from Harvard Medical School in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital. A scientist declared that the results give an “unique insight into how stress may lead to cardiovascular disease.”

Stress can be treated eventually, but the heart and cardiovascular system can still be affected.

The researchers took 293 patients scans, although they came for cancer screenings. They had their  arteries, spleen, brains and bone marrow scanned. The people were then held under observation for four years. 22 people out of the total died.

The study can also show the potential cause: inflammation in the bone marrow.

The ones that suffer from cancer can also develop stress and that leads to heart disease.

“Stress is just not good for your health,” said a researcher from the New York University Langone Medical Center. Everybody needs to find ways to release stress, as it affects so much.