The Chinese restaurant is investigated after a waiter posted a graphic photo of human feet that allegedly was taken in the kitchen. A blue bowl features two decomposed human feet.

The restaurant is located in Northern Italy, in Padua. A group from Slovenia went to the diner and ordered bear paws, a Chinese dish. In China, the dish is considered a race delicacy.

The waiter that posted the picture on social media claims that the bear paws the Slovenians ordered and then received were actually human feet.

An Italian customer reported to the police after he saw the picture. The police investigated the place. The meat and frozen fish that was found was indeed of doubtful origin. The place was pretty dirty too, with grease and dirt all over the floor, oven and fridge.

The crab meat and frog legs that were found were expired for a long time.

A forensic pathologist was hired by the police to investigate the picture and its origins. At first, he said that they indeed look like human feet.

The name of the waiter is not known.

It is not known yet whether the restaurant is still operating. Although, whether the picture was really taken in the restaurant or not, the other things discovered are enough to close it. After the allegation, people would probably stop eating there.