Police officers found out that a 12-year-old boy was kept in a dark bathroom for more than a year by his mother.

Brandy Jaynes is the one responsible. She and her children live in Toquerville, Utah. For almost two years, as police officers suspect, she kept the boy in a bathroom upstairs.

When the police found the boy, he was obviously malnourished, weighing only 30 pounds.

The image is devastating: the boy was in a bathroom locked from the outside, the light switches had duct tape on them, so he probably sat in darkness. When the police saw the images of him, he was very week, not able to stay on his feet. In the shower were placed empty bean cans. The draining was duct taped too.

A video camera was placed, so she could monitor the boy. A baby monitor was also there, so she could give him instructions.

David Crouse, sheriff, saw the images and was left speechless. “I’ve seen other horrible things, but this is one of those things I’ll never forget. I wish I could unsee it.”

The 12-year-old was found by his father, who rushed him to the hospital. The couple is married, but they live separated. At the hospital, a doctor said that “it was the worst case of malnutrition he had seen.”

Brandy said that he kept him locked for his own safety ad that he wanted to sleep in the bathoom. She is charged for child abuse.

The boy will have to spend at least three weeks in hospital so he can get better.

The boy missed school for three years. He has two siblings, but they show no sign of abuse.