The Clinton Global Initiative will be shut down according to a document that was filed on January 12 at the New York State Department of Labor. The document was a layoff of an employee and the reason for it was the “discontinuation” of the initiative.

The rumors of it being shut down emerged last fall, when many employees from the New York offices were fired. In December, 74 workers were fired.

In 2016, Bill Clinton and his associate, Doug Band, were accused of corruption. Wikileaks revealed a document about Band, who asked for large sums of money for Clinton from donations. Teneo, Band’s firm, was a way to get the money.

Reports say Band emailed Podesta, saying: “If this story gets out, we are screwed.”

Last week, the association decided to layoff 22 workers in April.

After Hillary Clinton’s loss of the election, the initiative was affected too. Australia cut of all of the donations towards the foundation, while Norway only reduced them by 87%.

As the financial situation is getting worse, it is hard to picture a future.

During the elections, Hillary was also accused for a series of emails and she was investigated for it. The emails actually played an important part in her loss.

The initiative is believed to have broke some rules of the New York laws regarding charity. It is largely believed that these investigations are the cause of the closure, rather than the financial situation.

The Clintons will be less influential in this area now. The initiative was started in 2005.