EU foreign ministers have responded to Donald Trump’s recent statements

The European Union foreign ministers have reacted to the claims made by the US President-elect, Donald Trump.

Their declarations came through some press statements during the council that took place in Brussels on Monday.

The head of German diplomacy Frank-Walter Steinmeier described as worrying Trump’s statement that NATO is an ‘outdated’ structure.

Foreign ministers’ responses

‘We will see what will be the consequences for the American politics’, said Steinmeier, who arrived at the council after a meeting with the General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

The Foreign Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault, said that the best response to Trump’s statements is the ‘unity of Europeans’.

‘The same must happen for Brexit, we must remain united, we should not forget that the force of Europeans lies in their unity’, said Ayrault.

‘I look forward to the new US Secretary of State to take over his office to meet and discuss important issues’, added Jean-Marc.

Among the important issues are the relationship with Russia, the Ukrainian sanctions, the nuclear deal with Iran, the Paris agreement.

The Slovak deputy, Prime Minister Miroslav Lajcak, who also holds the office of Foreign Minister, has called for patience.

‘Let’s wait until January 20 and judge Trump’s administration depending on what they will say after taking over the office.’

Also, Lajcak said that he finds it inappropriate for foreign ministers ‘to speculate on statements made by people who have not been yet named into functions’.

Consequently, the Belgian Prime Minister, Didier Reynders, expects the first contacts with the future US administration.

‘We have many things to accomplish together and we will have to demonstrate the significant value that EU and NATO have’, said Reynders.