Prince Charles is co-author of a book on climate change

Prince Charles is the co-author of a ‘Ladybird’ book, entitled ‘Climate Change’. The book talks about the issues and the eventual answers to climate change.

So, Climate Change is included in a series of adults’ books written in a style linked to children’s books. This style of writing targets to clearly give answers to complicated questions, informs BBC.

The other two authors of the guide of 52 pages are experts in climate changes. They are Emily Shuckburgh and the former director of environmental organization ‘Friends of the Earth’, Tony Juniper.

Consequently, Tony has declared he hopes that the book will ‘pass the test of time’.

Seems like Ladybird has produced many of children’s books in the 1960s and 1970s.

Recently, it has found success again, with a series of humorous titles written for adults.

The book will be launched on January 26. It was read and analyzed by personalities in the environmental collectivity.

Asked about how it may be received in the academic field, Dr. Phillip Williamson, from the University of England School of Environmental Sciences, said:

‘There is obviously the risk of being mocked. But if the style is proper and the information is accurate and easy to understand, the newest Ladybird book will be a major success’.

Climate change issues

Maybe its royal author needed to transmit the message that everyone must take steps towards stopping the climate changes.

Also, Prince Charles has previously written another book, together with Juniper and Ian Skelly, called ‘Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World’.

Moreover, he also wrote a children’s book entitled ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’.