Horace Dediu is analyst at Apple. Lately, the company is rumored to start creating video content, but Dediu thinks that it is not ready, because it is “incompatible with its business model or culture”.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Apple is in talks with major producers. It wants to start producing movies and TV series.  

The analyst thinks that this move isn’t voluntary. It won’t be able to come to terms with networks such as Netflix and Amazon. It won’t succeed into getting license.

As Apple wants to have a global reach, he thinks that producing content is only regional. Dediu has argued about this matter before.

In November, Dediu gave a speech at the UBS Tech Conference. He declared that original content is only suitable for certain areas, and not for the whole globe, like Apple wants. He gave Netflix as an example: “what would they do in China? … Each region has a certain taste.”

He says that the brand has its own culture and recommends itself as universal, so involving into content could get “messy.”

This business not only that it isn’t suitable for Apple, but it isn’t attractive.

This business is already really popular and there are many successful brands, so Apple could not stand much chance. For them to purchase anything, the price would be extremely high.

Dediu also revealed that the brand is “testing the waters and making some bids for content.”

There are other that expressed skepticism over Apple’s move. Benedict Evans said that this “feels like a lack of self-confidence in the core product, if true.”