Donald Trump’s daughter, who was his right hand for a long time, will follow her dad to Washington. Although she will not be part of his administration, Ivanka will help her father.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, will be part of Trump’s administration team as a senior adviser. He will have a very important part.

Ivanka has worked for many years for her dad’s company and has been often describes as smart, independent and relentless.

She and her father share a strong bond, her brother revealed that Trump has a great deal of trust in her.

During Trump’s campaign, Ivanka had a great role. The campaign manager described their relationship as “impenetrable”. She constantly pushed Trump to act better, more presidential.

“Ivanka Trump was in a very unique position to give her father voice in choosing a vice presidential running mate. Because she knows what Donald Trump expects,” declared the campaign manager.

The first daughter will take care of some of Trump’s promises from the campaign. She will implement new laws about child care and maternity leave. She already has a strong team, she has joined forces with the women from the Congress.

Many have experienced the force Ivanka has over the president-elect, she has always been by his side and mentored him, gave him advice for the best.

She hasn’t chosen an official place at the White House, but she did say that she wants to respect the rules.

Eric Trump believes Ivanka and her husband are both great thinkers who take the best decisions. They will both do good at the White House.

Ivanka has already plans for moving at Washington, both to support her father and her husband, but to prepare for her own position too.

She has the opportunity to become really powerful, one of the most powerful first daughters in history.