President Barack Obama has begun to move his things from the White House in its new home in Washington.

More vans were seen on Monday in front of the villa from the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood, which the spouses have rented to live after Barack’s successor will install at the White House.

Michelle and Barack Obama decided not to return to Chicago and they will in Washington for two years more, until 2019, until Sasha will finish high school.

The luxurious villa worth $ 5 million is located near the high school to studying and has nine rooms and nine bathrooms and was built 1928.

However, after the ceremony of Donald Trump, the Obamas will leave Friday on a vacation in California before in their new home.

However, according to US media, President Obama, Michelle and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, will spend their first holidays after leaving the White House in Palm Springs.

They will take a helicopter after the ceremony at the Capitol, and then they will take a government plane to travel on their vacation. However, the Obamas will not have the same treatment and they will have to buy tickets.

What will Obama once he will leave the White House?

The 44th US president, aged 55, said that after he will leave the Oval Office he will focus more on the  “Alliance for Protecting my brother” (My Brother’s Keeper Alliance), a non –profit organization created in February 2014 with his wife to help young black to improve social and racial justice.

The organization will focus on improving the education of African-American and Hispanic children to keep them away from crime and keep them in the labor market.

“This will remain a mission of mine and my wife, Michelle, not only during my term as a President but for the rest of life,” said Obama, when he launched the organization.