A brand is selling avocados that have been peeled and halved before in special packaging. This firm from California wraps them in plastic and then puts them into a cardboard box.

Avocado is one of the latest hype. People are using it a lot and it is very common in restaurant dishes too. The vegetable can be peeled and halved really easy and quick too, so why bother to pack it?

Calavo’s Avocado Halves is the official name and is already available in stores across the United States. The packaging ensures that the fruit won’t go brown and is designed especially for the costumers that do not know when an avocado is ripe. This will also help the ones that do not know how to prepare it correctly.

This is quite pricey too, with three dollars for a single avocado. The only costumers will probably be the ones that are too lazy or too comfortable to actually buy the whole vegetable and peal it at home.

Although it is meant to make things easier, it is just a way to ask more money for it. Now, as it is an increased popularity for it, they might have some costumers.

Starting from Mexican dishes to using it on toast, people consume avocado a lot. Its health benefits are also reasons for purchasing it. Many include it in diets, not only because it is tasty, but high on proteins too.

However, no matter how much someone likes avocados, it seems a little bit over the top to get one that is packaged.

Avocado isn’t the only one that has been packaged. Bananas are also sealed in special packages, although they have their own skin for protection.