The Code of Good Manners: Rules that everyone should know

The Code of Good Manners has an ancient history and was permanently perfected over the centuries.

Everybody should know the basic rules. He who knows the rules is able to show respect both to the others and to himself.

Good manners in society

  1. You should always answer to a ‘hello’ with a smile.
  2. It is a very big offense not to say ‘hi’ back to a person who sends you greetings.
  3. It is very elegant to introduce yourself in a group of people if there is no one there to introduce you.
  4. Men should take off their hats when saluting a woman. Also, they must salute first all the persons of the opposite sex.
  5. You should always ask ‘where is the restroom’ instead of ‘where is the bathroom’.

Good manners in the public transportation

  1. The travelers who get off the train have priority in front of those who are getting on.
  2. When getting on, women, children and the elderly have priority.
  3. The seat near the window must always be given to children or women.
  4. Young people must give up their seats to the elderly or the disabled persons.
  5. The man who accompanies a woman shall not leave her to occupy an empty seat. He will stand beside her, even if she doesn’t want to seat down.

Good manners while visiting someone’s place

  1. Be punctual!
  2. Pick up your outfit accordingly, showing respect to your host.
  3. Bring a symbolic gift to your host.
  4. The man should be introduced to the women and the younger to the elder.
  5. Don’t let the conversation be interrupted. Talk, be participative and attentive to the discussions.