The most intelligent human on Earth is an 11-years-old student

Kashmea Wahi is a little girl, aged 11, living in Great Britain.

Apparently, she is the most intelligent human being on Earth.

The student has reached the highest IQ level, conducted by Mensa: 162 points.

Kashmea became the youngest person reaching this performance. She managed to surpass Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who both scored 160 points. Seems impossible, right?

The most intelligent human kept her modesty

In an interview she gave to the Indian Express, Kashmea stated: ‘It is overwhelming being compared with Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein.’

Kashmea found the test by chance

Cattell III B Mensa Test is a widely known evaluation process. Kashmea discovered it by chance, while playing with her iPad.

She answered all the 150 questions of the test, for which the maximum score is 160 for adults and 162 for teens under 18 years.

Daughter of Vikas and Pooja Wahi, both IT consultants, solved the test because she wanted to prove something to her parents.

Parents are in seventh heaven

‘We are thrilled! Even though we always knew how smart she was, her achievement truly assures us of her quality. If she will learn how to focus her energy, she will do wonderful things!’

Validated by Mensa

Kashmea studies at Notting Hill and Ealing Junior. She plays tennis at a competitive level. She loves chass, she even won prizes and medals.

A Mensa official has declared: ‘I can strongly confirm that Kashmea is the youngest person on the planet Earth who managed to achieve 162 points on the IQ Mensa test.’