Do you really match the man you love?

The perfect couple is a myth! No matter how happy you are in your marriage, there could always appear some tense moments.

Find out how compatible you are with the man you love, by making a simple calculation.

The number of your destiny

This number can help you find out more about you two. To discover what your number is, make a sum of the day, month and year you were born until you are left with only one digit.

Here is an example: April 23, 1985: 2+3+4+1+9+8+5 = 32; 3+2 = 5.

Also, repeat the calculation for your husband’s birthday and read below the significance of the linking between your numbers.

1 – 4 or 7

You can have a long and happy marriage and you’ll always know how to cooperate and be there for each other.

Even though you may differ a lot from each other, in time, you will find out how many beautiful things you have in common.

2 – 2 or 8

Probably the happiest relationship ever! You are both giving love, you complete each other and support each other.

In difficult times, you can act with tact and diplomacy, so neither of you will have to suffer.

3- 6 or 9

You probably fell in love at first sight and you will love each other all your lives.

If feeling loved and cared for, number 3 is always thrilled to be the center of attention and offers the same attention to his partner.

4 – 1 or 8

You are both independent, but you need each other. You can have a solid, stable relationship. Your marriage won’t be ever affected by external factors, such as financial instability.

5 – 5 or 9

You are so much alike and you can conceive life one without the other. This is a truly exceptional relationship. Your connection is almost telepathic.

6 – 3 or 9

You are both enthusiasts, open, creative and you will get along great. You will always know how to make boredom disappear and you will, for sure, keep your passion alive.