Is the dog training the master or the other way round?

Is the dog training the master or vice-versa? This is the question!

Most frequently, the master manages to train his dog.

Yet, there are also some situations where the opposite is true: the master is trained by his pet.

Actually, it would be so interesting to find out who is, in fact, wearing the leash in your relationship with your beloved four-legged.

It seems really funny to realize that, sometimes, your dog is the one having a stronger personality than you do.

So, most of the times, we let our guards down and satisfy its requests.

Here are some signs to figure one if you have been trained by your dog:

  1. Who do you spend most of your time with?

So, you’ve reached the point where you leave yourself behind to spend more time with your dog. Then, either you love him too much or you should be the one wearing a leash.

There are some people who are willing to pay a fortune to make their dogs looking stylish: canine beauty, manicure, ‘furstyles’, clothes.

This time could be invested in yourself, instead.

In conclusion, if your time is unequally shared between you and your dog, you should take one thing into consideration. You might have become the pet, while your dog took the lead.

  1. Who is the one who ‘fetches’?

Before you got a dog we bet you had one thing in mind. That you would train him to fetch you the TC remote, the newspaper, your slippers and even a juice.

Unfortunately, you still get up and take all these by yourself, while your dog is still sleeping without having a worry in the world.