Innovation in medical technology: the robot helping your heart pumping blood

The diseased man suffering from heart issues are obliged to take a handful of anticoagulant pills.

Others are waiting years in a row for a heart transplant.

Both can now benefit from an incredible new technology.

The revolutionary treatment for severe heart diseases

A researchers’ team from Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, together with a group of doctors at Children’s Hospital based in Boston, unified their forces.

So, they managed to design a robot who wraps itself around the heart of the sufferer. And, helps his heart to pump blood.

The machine is equipped with a soft collar that compresses the heart in the rhythm of heartbeats.

Also, the device is meant to amplify even the weakest heart functions, like the heart insufficiency.

For now, heart insufficiency is affecting almost 41 million individuals in the whole world, as was showed in a Harvard press release.

Among the treatment options are the mechanical pumps that help blood reach from ventricles to the aorta and heart transplant.

The pumps raise the risk of coagulation, so the patient has to take anticoagulation medicine, that also raises other risks.

Interestingly, this robot doesn’t get in direct contact with the blood.

So, there is no risk of coagulation.

The device is triggered by an external pump that is using the air to make it function.

Also, the robot can be personalized depending on the illnesses of the patient.

Although other necessary studies are to be conducted, the results that were obtained by were encouraging.

In conclusion, this may be a first step towards implanting soft robots in all our internal organs to help them function better.