Logan: the first movie produced by Marvel in 2017 will launch ‘Logan’ in March.

Because Hugh Jackman loves to keep his fans breathless, he decided with the producers to launch a brand new trailer of the motion picture.


The new movie focused on the most important character from the X-Men series seems completely  different in comparison to the previous stories from this cinematographic universe,

The new series is way more aggressive and the leading part seems more serious and violent than ever.

The jokes and funny moments typical for an MCU film are lacking completely.

Maybe because this is the last movie in which Hugh Jackman will portray the popular character.

The first time Jackman played the role of Wolverine was in 1999. Since then, the Australian appeared as Logan in more than eight movies.

When it comes to the plot of the new motion picture, Logan is the sequel to ‘The Wolverine’ from 2013.

The new movie will be directed by James Mangold, the same mastermind behind the production from four years ago.

Although there were numerous rumors linked to the action from the new Logan, the trailer posted yesterday it’s kind of confirming the level of aggressiveness.

The movie will certainly be banned for minors, a trend launched by Deadpool a year ago.

Many studios decided that a movie with a “+18” rating draws the attention of more spectators in movie theaters.

Logan is inspired by the comic books ‘Old Man Logan’ of Mark Miller and Steven McNiven.

These books illustrate how a much older Wolverine will end up in a brand new adventure in a parallel universe.

Sir Patrick Stewart will also star in the new motion as a much older Charles Xavier.