Obama called Merkel to say thank you

President Barrack Obama has called Angela Merkel on Thursday to say ‘thank you for eight years of friendship and partnership’.

This happened just one day before Trump’s investiture, who had some extremely critical comments regarding the German Chancellor.

The American President underlined that it was obvious that his last phone call would be addressed to Angela Merkel.

According to a White House press release, Obama thanked Angela for ‘her strong, stable and courageous leadership’.

On the occasion of this phone call, Obama and Merkel have underlined that a close cooperation between Washington and Berlin, just like the one between the US and Europe, is crucial for assuring the vigor of transatlantic connections.

Trump is on the contrary side

In an interview that was recently given to Bild and The Times, Donald Trump has qualified as a catastrophe the German policy of receiving immigrants.

Also, Trump pointed out that Merkel said Britain was justified to leave the UE. In his opinion, this only confirmed that Britain is controlled by Germany.

The American State Secretary, John Kerry, has immediately denounced the ‘improper accusations’ of Trump.

Also, Kerry stated that is not by far right that someone intervenes in other states’ businesses in such an abusive way.

During the visit to Berlin, Barrack Obama had brought an homage to Angela Merkel. He said she has been ‘an extraordinary partner’.

‘If I had been here, if I was a German, I would have voted her. I would have shown her my support’.

The German Chancellor has announced immediately after that she will run for her fourth mandate.