Obama’s last day at the White House

Barack Obama is spending the last hours of his mandate at the White House. His departure occurs after eight years as the President of the United States.

Today is his last day as a president, but the leader’s schedule is partly empty.

Obama will transfer the power to the Republican Donald Trump. Trump will be invested as the President of the United States this afternoon.

The White House has announced that Obama’s last hours in the presidential office will be spent packing his personal goods, as France Presse agency has stated.

The last events included on his agenda were the daily informing of the president and the last weekly lunch with the vice president, Joe Biden. The meal will take place in a private living room at the White House.

The president will wave America goodbye

Even if his last day has approached quickly, it seems that the American leader is planning to announce another pardoning list and punishment commutation.

Also, at the beginning of the week, Obama decided to commute the punishment of the integrity advisor Chelsea Manning.

This last pardoning list will concentrate on the individuals who have received long penalties behind the bars for drug abuse.

Obama held his last press conference as a president on Wednesday night, when he ended this chapter of his life on an optimistic note.

‘It is true that behind the closed doors I use to cuss more than I do in public. And, sometimes I get angry and frustrated, just like the rest of you. But, deep down I feel that we’re all gonna be fine. We just have to fight, to keep working’, stated the Washington president.

Barrack Obama will meet this afternoon with Donald Trump at the White House. From there, they will head together to the Capitol.

After the new president will be invested, Obama family will say goodbye and will leave the East wing of the Capitol.