Scotland: the former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond stated on Friday that his country will vote for independency in the next two years.

The strategy will be adopted due to the rough attitude manifested by Theresa May regarding the Brexit, reports Reuters.

Scotland rejected the independency in 2015, with 55% votes.

However, the current Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, affirmed the Scottish people want to obtain their independency. especially after the referendum from 2016.

Especially, after the referendum from 2016.

During the referendum, the Scottish Government expressed their will to remain in the European Union.

However, the United Kingdom wants the exact opposite.

Sturgeon presented her plans in front of the London Government with a series of proposes regarding Scotland’s position.

The politician also mentioned Edinburgh’s option to keep its connections with the EUmarket.

Meanwhile, Scotland will continue to be part of the UK.

However, Scotland will vote for its independence for the next two years.

On the other hand, the authorities from Edinburgh believe that Theresa May failed to offer them other choices.

“If the government of the United Kingdom will reject the option of compromise proposed by Nicola Sturgeon, then I believe a referendum will probably happen very soon”, declared Salmond for BBC.

Reuters reports that earlier this week, Theresa May stated UK will leave EU’s unique market.

The UK Government will also impose some rules regarding the immigration process.

The surveys show that the support regarding Scotland’s independency it’s still the same since the referendum.

The press suggests that Scottish will reject the secession.

During a historical speech held on Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the world about UK’s final decision to completely abandon the EU.