The former American president got a lot of attention on social media after at the sworn-in ceremony on Friday he was battling with his poncho.

As Donald Trump was delivering his speech, a light rain began to fall. Many were already prepared with umbrellas or transparent ponchos. George W. Bush was photographed as he was trying to put the poncho on his head and failed.

People took immediately to social media to laugh about the former president’s attempts of putting the poncho on.

“The George W. Bush reaction cam during Trump’s inauguration speech was lit,” wrote one user.

“Never thought I’d say that George W. Bush is all of us, but here we are,” twitted someone along with a picture of Bush with a disapproving look on his face.

But the 70-year-old isn’t the only one that caught the attention. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, was also a subject of discussion for the faces she made during the inaugural day. First, she looked unimpressed and then watched Trump recite his oath with eyebrows raised. The look on her face when she received the gift from Melania Trump also created hysteria.

Bill Clinton and wife, Hillary, were also laughed about on social media. Clinton was caught apparently checking out Ivanka Trump. The moment when Hillary turns and watches his face was caught on camera and people could not help but laugh about it.