The Formula1 legend’ former manager, Willi Weber, opens up about his condition and how the family does not offer enough information.

Ever since he suffered the accident in 2013, the family has been really private on his health condition. Weber believes that the family isn’t revealing the “whole truth”, although it should.

The manager still has hope for his friend and believes that he is going to be fine. “Hope dies last,” declared Weber.

Last month, a photo of Schumacher was taken and then sold for $1 million. The police is still investigating.

The Formula1 champion suffered an accident while he was on a ski trip with his family. After receiving care at an hospital, Schumacher was moved to his home in 2014. Right now, there aren’t any detailed information on his condition.

In 2013, he hit his head on a rock. The doctor performed a surgery to remove the blood clots, but did not succeed to remove them all. He was induced in a coma and later he emerged from it.

His current manager, Sabine Kehm, said that Schumacher has always been private about his life and his family wants to keep it like that.

Schumacher and Weber had real success. The Formula1 legend won seven world titles while Weber was his manager. From 1994, to 2004, Schumacher won several prizes, with Ferrari and Benneton and teaming with Weber.

Everyone hopes that he will recover.