Since the avalanche hit Italy, the National Fire Brigade has been trying to save all the people from under the Rigopiano Hotel ruins.

Until now, four people were declared dead, while other twenty are still missing. Eleven people were saved from under the wreckage.

On Wednesday, a series of earthquakes created a massive avalanche in the Northeastern side of Italy. Rigopiano Hotel, a four-star one, that is placed right at the foot of a mountain, was buried in snow and got many trapped and injured. Dozens of people were inside, with no chance of getting out.

Since Thursday, rescuers try desperately to save the victims. On Friday, they drilled a whole through the roof and heard people scream “Angels! Angels!” in awe. The scene was really emotional, people cheered the rescuers as they pulled people from the ruins.

The ones that were found were in a place where they had enough air and the temperatures were steady. Some of them had signs of hypothermia, but weren’t injured badly.

Right before the avalanche, the customers were about to leave, but had no chance in front of the great avalanche. The hotel was moved ten meters from where it was. Its structure was scattered with 100 meters.

The officials are still trying to figure how many more are missing. Most of them are locals who wanted to enjoy the spa hotel.

There is still hope left for others to be saved, as the rescuers found an air pocket. The rescuers fight the bad temperatures and the decreasing light, but try their best to save everyone. Families of the ones trapped inside wait for information.