The former president and his family embarked on a much-needed vacation after leaving the White House.

Obama and Michelle are enjoying some time off in California.

As the former president was headed home after gym, he was pictured in a rather contemplative state in his car.

He started his Sunday with gym and then golf, one of his favorite activities. Thunderbird Country Club was the place where he got to train.

In the pictures, Obama seemed sad and in deep thought. It seems like the recent events have caught up on him.

On Saturday, he seemed in a great mood as he played golf. He laughed and chat with other players and seemed like a good way to kick off the vacation.

At the club, Obama had secret agents by his side. They all attended the golf course from golf carts.

The former president will beneficiate from security from secret agents all his life.

In 2013, he changed a law from 1977, that allows presidents this kind of security all their lives.

The 1977 law only allowed them 10 years of secret service after finishing their presidency.

Michelle and Barack Obama are vacationing in Palm Springs. They are staying at the Spanish ambassador’s mansion.

The club where Obama attended the golf courses is one of the best. The ones that have membership needed to be invited.

Larry Ellison owns the Rancho Mirage, which is in the top 20 golf courses from California.

The former first couple left the White House on Friday, after the sworn-in ceremony.

 After this quick break, Obama and his wife will be back to work. They both have a new foundation that is set to bond with people and relate to their needs.

While Obama is on vacation, the country experienced Trump’s first two days and the march of women.