Francois Fillon pleading for a European alliance regarding the defense

Francois Fillion, the French right-winged candidate in the presidential election pleaded in an interview offered to Le Monde for a ‘European alliance in terms of defense’.

Also, he highlighted that ‘with or without Trump, Europe has to build its own defense’.

‘I don’t propose a European integrated defense, but an alliance in terms of defense. We have to find the means to built a European industry and to create a reciprocal helping fund to finance the costs of an external intervention’.

The ‘outdated’ world systems

Referring to Donald Trump’s declarations, Francois Fillon estimated that ‘Europe has been warned. It must decide to organize in front of an American policy that won’t be merciful’.

As for NATO, it was qualified as ‘outdated’ by the American President.

In response, Fillon said that the European Alliance is not obsolete, but necessary.

In addition, the EU is not just a protection against the Islamist totalitarianism trying to destabilize a great area, from Pakistan to Nigeria.

Also, he stated that in many cases, NATO is not the solution against the Islamist totalitarianism, but the problem.

The ex-prime-minister stated that the French-German alliance is absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, Fillon has launched a call to ‘reestabilsh the relationship with Russia’. According to him, Russia is going through a regulation of the Ukrainian problem.

During the second tour of the Presidential campaign on May 7th, it is expected a close battle between the liberal-conservative candidate, Francois Fillon and the far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, as was estimated by AFP.

The need of unity for the European states is now greater than ever before.