On the day of the sworn-in ceremony, the First Lady Melania Trump brought Michelle Obama a blue Tiffany & Co. box.

 Now, people can’t stop laughing about it on the internet. Many claim it is the speech she stole from Michelle and she is just returning it.

Not only that, many can’t stop laughing at the face the former First Lady made when she was presented the gift. Michelle had a puzzled face as she didn’t know what to do with it, where to put it.

On social media, users created memes and all kinds of theories about the box.

“The only good moment of this inauguration is Michelle jim-facing the camera like ‘why did she gave me this box,” wrote one user.

Many connected the moment with the final scene from one of Brad Pitt’s movies, “Seven”. In the film, the character keeps asking at the end: “What’s in the box?”

Some joked about the box containing the speech that Melania plagiarized from Michelle.

During the Republican national convention, Melania held a speech that was very much alike the one Michelle held years ago. The First Lady was blasted then and accused of plagiarism.

Her and Donald Trump accused the team, which wrote her speech.

Melania gave Michelle a blue box which is presumably from Tiffany & Co. The firm has a store in Trump Tower, so that can be a reason why she chose this gift.

Michelle, indeed, made a weird face. Her husband quickly came to help her with the gift, as she didn’t know where to put it.

Other events from the day made people laugh, like George W. Bush’s problem with the poncho or Bill Clinton checking Ivanka Trump out. Michelle was again a reason to laugh, as she made some rather unimpressed faces during the sworn-in ceremony.