Social networks

Social networks offer us the freedom to communicate with our dear ones from every single place on this earth.

However, this freedom comes with a price

Social networks: fooled by our, apparently, happy digital lives we end up destroying our real lives.

A new research conducted by Kaspersky Lab discovered that more than a quarter of the global population communicates less with its closest.

Moreover, 21% of parents admit their relationships with children is altered by social media.

The tendency to post raunchy or compromising shots with themselves in order to obtain more likes or shares might trigger an ‘offline environment’.

More than 50% of parents say their relation with kids is destroyed by these online platforms.

Most parents are not able to accept the compromising shots posted by their children. in which they are under the influence or their daughters are wearing skimpy clothes.

Most posts feature minors under the influence or daughters wearing skimpy clothes.

Meanwhile, 16% believe their romantic life was affected by the social environment.

Their relations with family, friends or colleagues are constantly changing because people communicate less in the real world.

The side effect of social networking made 31% of children to talk less with parents, 23% to broke up with partners and 35% best friends to talk less than before.

In order to protect themselves and their relationships, people must become more precocious and more informed regarding the things they reveal on social media.

This measure will help them to diminish the digital risks and will protect their real life.