In an interview with US media, a Chinese official warned the new president Donald Trump not to interfere with its territorial problems.

 Lu Kang is the one that gave the interview. He asked the new administration to quit involving into matters that are about China.

“There might be a difference [of opinion] over the sovereignty of these islands but it’s not for the United States. That might be between China and some other countries in this region,” declared Kang.

In the recent weeks, China and other five are having disputes over the territories from the waterway. The country has said before that US shouldn’t get involved.

This declaration comes after the US press secretary, Sean Spicer, revealed Donald Trump’s plans. Spicer said that the United States won’t allow a single country to take away international areas.

Kang also said that the territory is not US’ nor an international one.

China has one law called “one China principal”, which is about Beijing being open to diplomatic relationship with other countries.

Through this interview, they wanted to clarify that it is open to close deals with the US and hopes that Washington feels the same.

The US President declared in the past that he won’t respect the “one China” and will only be interested in trade deals. China didn’t take the news too well.

There is one more problem between the two states: the trade. China threats to bring new tariffs on its goods.

Beijing also sees itself as a helper to Trump, who plans on enlarging the number of jobs in the US. A trade deal with China would, indeed, help him.