Donald Trump’s mimic and its hidden meaning: a great vulnerability

The body language of the newest President of the United States has been ‘dissected’ by analysts.

Their conclusions were stunning and revealed his hidden behavior and some personality traits.

The press worldwide has spoken too much about Trump’s discourse, while his mimic rested on the dark side.

The material for reaching a conclusion was collected solely from the Inauguration Ceremony.

The psychologist Peter Collett thinks Trump has four defining traits that he reveals through his facial expressions.

Trump, the Alpha Male

This trait is characterized by the lack of smile, lowered eyebrows and small eyes – like it’s said, a total face frown.

Collet stated that the smile is usually a sign of peace and calm, signaling that you are not a threat to anybody.

On the contrary, Trump is trying to say he is indeed threatening.

Smiling with his mouth closed is a general characteristic of all leaders.

Although, hiding his teeth is a sign of vulnerability, an instinctive reaction to a possible attack.

Another trait of Trump’s personality was revealed by the movement of his hands. Trump moved his hands many times during his first presidential speech.

Carol Goman, an expert in body language, mentioned that the continuous movements of someone’s hands show precision and control.

But, much of Trump’s charm is represented by his ability to mimic with the help of his arms and hands.

However, there are some elements that do not reflect positive things at all.

Many experts have stumbled on Trump’s behavior to his wife, Melania, at the inauguration ceremony.

Patti Wood, another specialist in body language stated that is very interesting how Trump got out of the car and approached the stairs, instead of helping his wife or even looking for her behind him.

Despite Trump’s position was definitely against Obama, there were real clues that Trump has a profound respect towards the former president.