Mel Gibson, father for the ninth time

The worldwide known actor and director, Mel Gibson, has become a father for the ninth time, after his lover, Rosalind Ross, gave birth to a little boy on January 20th.

The Hollywoodian movie star is involved in a relationship with Rosalind for two years, according to

Mel Gibson, once a father, always a father

The information has been confirmed by Gibson’s press agent for The People magazine.

The baby boy, who was born on Friday, January 20th, in Los Angeles, will be named Lars Gerard Gibson.

‘We are all thrilled and Lars is absolutely adorable. The family is by their side and Mel is extremely happy. They are already home, everybody is safe and sound and excited’.

This declaration was made public by a close source to Gibson’s family.

The father forever young

Mel Gibson, aged 61 years, has confirmed his lover’s pregnancy, aged 26 years, earlier in September 2016.

The Hollywoodian star and his girlfriend were recently caught by the paparazzi on cameras during the Golden Globes Awards, on January 8th.

Lars Gerard is the first child of the couple formed of Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross.

Rosalind Ross had been a former champion in equestrian competitions, who, meanwhile, has become a screenwriter.

Mel Gibson is also the father of eight more children. Seven of them were conceived with Gibson’s ex-wife, Robyn Moore. They are Hannah, aged 36, the twins Christian and Edward, 34 years, William, aged 31, Milo, 26 and Thomas, 17 years.

Also, Gibson had another daughter, named Lucia, with his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.