organic food

A committee from the European Parliament ran a study to see what are the benefits organic food has over our bodies.

The scientists advise the parliaments to encourage the organic food production and even introduce it into the traditional agriculture. A first step towards healthiness needs to be taken by them.

The research took over one year.

One of their findings is linked to a problem that has been around lately: infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

If antibiotics are used in much smaller quantities in animal production, the bacteria that became resistant to antibiotics won’t develop as easily.

If plants are protected and less pesticide is used, the human health will beneficiate more.

The organic food is also packed with more vitamins and nutrients that the usual food. These differences, although small, represent a great importance for our health.

“Several practices in organic agriculture, in particular the low use of pesticides and antibiotics, offer benefits for human health,” concludes Axel Mie, who coordinated the study.

Mie is from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and also, part of the Karolinska Institute.

The professor adds that organic food is also the base for future systems regarding healthy food.

Organic food, although it requires more attention, brings lots of benefices for our bodies.

Not only that it is good for our health, but for the environment as well. The practices of organic food protect the soil and conserve water, while the pollution level is decreased.

The methods the farmers use are much safer and good for the planet.